Social Aggregation

One of our supported housing consultancy services is “Social Aggregation”: a term coined by Michael Patterson to describe the processes involved in bringing together the various parties involved in developing new, privately funded supported housing, including but not limited to specialised supported housing.

This includes the NHS/local authority commissioners, advocates/family carers, private capital funders, specialist property developers, housing associations and support providers. It also involves advice on contractual relationships and agreements and coordinating public revenue streams such as enhanced housing benefit for intensive housing management to meet the operational costs of the supported housing and the capital repayment costs.

There have always been Aggregators in such arrangements, but Social Aggregation has a Value Generation basis, which means that the key outcomes of coordinating the development of new supported housing are:

  • Outcomes for people (who will live in the supported housing)
  • Cost benefit to the public purse
  • Wider social and community benefit

In the course of our supported housing consultancy work we have developed a wide network of contacts across the whole range of organisations and people involved in the development of new supported housing and specialised supported housing. We have the ability to bring them together on a mutually compatible basis.

So whether you’re a private capital investor with a social mission, a statutory sector commissioner looking at the need for new supported housing, someone who advocates on behalf of people with additional needs who need supported housing, a housing association or a care and support provider looking to expand the supported housing services you deliver please contact Michael to see if you can be part of a socially conscious supported housing development process based on the 3 Value Generation principles identified above.