Supported Housing Consultancy

We provide supported housing consultancy services to housing associations, voluntary agencies, charities, private investors, local authorities, the NHS and other agencies involved in supported housing, Intensive Housing Management, support & social care to people with additional needs.

Michael Patterson is well-known for the very many Briefings he’s written and published via the Support Solutions brand, which he founded in 1991. He continues to write and publish free email Briefings of interest to people directly or indirectly involved in supported housing and social care. You can read and subscribe to these by visiting the Supported Housing Blog.

We provide the following specific client services:

Rent structures for providers of supported housing: one of the primary business tasks that many providers struggle with is the construction of their rent structures. If you’re not sure what your rent/weekly charge should be for your supported housing, how it should be set out, what it should include or whether you’re charging the right amounts please contact us. We can devise or revise your rents in such a way as to be auditable by Housing Benefit professionals, this is especially important when you’re seeking enhanced Housing Benefit for Intensive Housing Management.

Intensive Housing Management: is a term that was reinvented by Michael through his work with Support Solutions. Intensive Housing Management is a term that describes Housing Benefit eligible tasks provided to people with additional needs who live in supported housing. Its eligibility for enhanced Housing Benefit has resulted in a large amount of revenue staying within supported housing that would otherwise have been lost with the retrenchment of Supporting People. To this day many providers haven’t considered Intensive Housing Management funding, which is essential to providing for the needs of people in supported housing. Please contact us about this if you’re interested in enhanced Housing Benefit.

Strategic/Policy advice for Boards and Senior Management Teams: we’re known for our knack of “calling it right” when it comes to UK and devolved government policy on supported housing and social care. Michael Patterson is also a “policy influencer” through his responses to government consultations, his widely-read Briefings and his popular national Briefing Events. If you need dispassionate, unambiguous and accurate advice on the current and future position of supported housing and social care, ask us to deliver a tailored event for your organisation and people.

Supported Housing Service Development & Social Aggregation: over the years Michael Patterson has matched his expertise in supported housing revenue by developing relationships with capital finance providers who have a social mission. Michael was the first “sector expert” to promote the concept of Specialised Supported Housing, which by current definition is privately financed, and is able to put together the capital, revenue, organisational and documentary structures and relationships that result in the development of new supported housing. Michael also brings together (aggregates) the various parties involved in the development of new supported housing including the NHS/local authorities, capital funders, housing associations and property developers and advises on contractual relationships and agreements and the revenue/capital funding structures.

More general supported housing consultancy services and commitments include:

Briefing Events: Michael Patterson is known for his engaging and informative speaking style. He organises and runs Briefing Events on supported housing and related issues across the UK, typically now done on a virtual basis. He attracts good-sized audiences, always speaks without notes and gets excellent feedback from delegates. As well as national series of events on specific topics (the last series was on “The Future Funding of Supported Housing”) Michael also delivers organisation-specific events and speaks at virtual conferences and events organised by third parties.

Thought Leadership: Not only was Michael responsible for reinventing the term “Intensive Housing Management” he also coined the phrase “Tenancy Sustainment” in the context of enhanced Housing Benefit. He devised the concept of “Value Generation” as a simple means of measuring the value of supported housing, although it has much wider applicability. He also introduced the term “Social Aggregation” to describe a values-based way of coordinating the development of new privately funded supported housing.

Michael is also a PhD researcher in supported housing.

A Strong Values Base: Michael Patterson is a family carer. He has a son with a profound level of additional needs and even though he was involved in supported housing before his son was born his approach to what he does is guided by the fact that his son will almost certainly become a supported housing resident.

We collaborate with other organisations that provide services that generate value to supported and sheltered housing.

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