Supported Housing Funding

Michael Patterson is a supported housing funding expert.

Having been involved in supported housing for over 30 years Michael has had a major influence on the funding of supported housing in the spheres of revenue, capital and policy.

Supported Housing Funding
Supported Housing Funding

Michael writes and publishes briefings and blog posts on enhanced Housing Benefit, Intensive Housing Management (a term he reintroduced to the supported housing sector) capital investment for supported housing, revenue modelling to meet the costs of capital investment and to generate value for the people who live in supported housing, the commissioners who commission it, the agencies and housing associations that manage and provide it and the people and institutions who invest in it.

It was Michael who brought the attention of the supported housing sector. commissioners and capital investors to the concept of ‘Specialised Supported Housing’, which forms an essential part of UK Government policy for the development of new supported housing.

If you are a social supported housing provider with recognised statutory sector referral arrangements Michael can help you to claim enhanced Housing Benefit for Intensive Housing Management. We always conduct extensive due diligence on organisations that want our help with this, as a truly social motivation and a commitment to value generation is necessary. See more on our Intensive Housing Management page.

If you are a capital investor with an interest in supported housing Michael can help you to deploy your capital by developing relationships with commissioners, housing associations and supported housing providers. Michael will ensure that there is sufficient revenue (usually from enhanced Housing Benefit) to meet the costs of the capital whilst also ensuring that the resulting supported housing is not only financially viable, but also secure and properly resourced for the benefit of the people who live there.

Michael is known as a ‘futurologist’ with an uncanny ability to see and influence government policy developments in supported housing funding.