Clients & Services

Michael Patterson works with housing associations, voluntary agencies, charities and other providers of Intensive Housing Management, support & social care to people with additional needs.

Michael provides consultancy advice on the future funding of supported housing, Intensive Housing Management, Specialised Supported Housing, enhanced Housing Benefit, social and institutional private capital for supported housing, Value Generation and UK and devolved government policy on supported housing, social and healthcare.

He works with local authorities, the NHS, Health and Social Care Partnership Boards who have an interest in developing supported and sheltered housing. Michael provides advice on private institutional and social capital finance, public revenue such as enhanced Housing Benefit and the structures & agreements that underpin supported housing.

Michael works with institutional private capital providers wanting to invest in supported housing for both financial and social return, and has developed a set of principles to apply to the investment model so that it is financially and socially transparent for investors, commissioners and people with additional needs.

Michael Patterson collaborates with other organisations that provide services that generate value to supported and sheltered housing.

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