About Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson has been involved in supported housing and social care since the 1980s when he was a mental health support worker.

Since then Michael’s worked with a wide range of housing associations, charities, non-profit & private supported housing providers, local authorities & the NHS providing supported housing consultancy services.

Michael is a well-known writer, commentator, public speaker and operational expert in supported housing & social care. He is also a PhD researcher in supported housing.

Michael is able to interpret the likely direction of UK & devolved government policy and plays his part in influencing policy & thinking. This is partly through his widely-read Briefings & blogs, available on the Supported Housing Blog, and also through the series of public (now virtual) Briefing events he runs across the UK whenever an issue arises that affects the supported housing sector.

Michael Patterson founded the Support Solutions brand in 1991. He was responsible, for reinventing the term “Intensive Housing Management” and undertakes Intensive Housing Management & Maintenance Housing Benefit work directly with provider clients.

Michael Patterson believes that social business, any business, should have clear social values. Michael developed the Value Generation concept as a set of principles to measure quality in supported housing (& other contexts). These are simple principles in looking at a supported housing service

  • What outcomes does it achieve with the people who are accommodated and supported by it?
  • What impact does it have on the public purse?
  • What wider/community impact does it have?

In working with his clients on supported housing consultancy and other projects Michael Patterson believes in generating value in a similar sense to the way he believes supported housing should generate value. His life and experience as a family carer for a son who will always require 1:1 support in a supported housing environment influences his values base a lot.

Contact Michael Patterson on michael@michaelpatterson.co.uk for details.

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