Training & Events

We undertake public and organisation-specific supported housing training events, both virtual and physical. We also provide board/SMT level briefing events on supported housing revenue and capital finance and high level supported housing policy.

The Supported Housing Conference 2022 will be held as a series of 6 free virtual events, each of 2 hours duration spread over approximatekly 10 weeks between April and July.

All sessions commence at 10am and end at midday, including time for questions and answers. The sessions are as follows:

DateSession TitleSpeaker(s)Notes
28th April“The Key Issues in Supported Housing”Michael Patterson (Supported Housing Blog)This session will set the context for the Conference & will explore the DLUHC Exempt Accommodation Inquiry & the Exempt Accommodation Project & will also introduce the other key conference themes
5th May“Making Private Capital Funding Partnerships Work: The Assetz Exchange Approach”James Tedrake (Assetz Exchange)Private capital funding is an essential component of supported housing finance, but how can it be delivered transparently & in a way that is compatible with the social culture of the sector?
19th May“Digital Inclusion & the Challenge of the Digital Switchover”Martin Cutbill (Alertacall)How do you ensure digital inclusion includes people in supported & sheltered housing? What is the “Digital Switchover” & what does it mean for supported & sheltered housing? How do we move on from expensive hard wired alarm systems?
8th June” A Low Cost/No Cost Cloud-Based System for the Management of Supported Housing”Steve Walia (Cloudigs)Why do we need such a system? What value does it generate for supported housing? How does it work? Why is it free/inexpensive?
16th June“The Regulation & Oversight of Supported Housing/Exempt Accommodation”Michael Patterson (Supported Housing Blog)Who regulates & oversees supported housing? What’s the difference between regulation & oversight? Why not have an accreditation system instead? What might a future oversight system look like?
7th July“Revenue Funding for Supported HousingDanny Key (Support Solutions)What does the future funding of supported housing look like? The content of this session may be influenced by the outcome of the DLUHC Exempt Accommodation Inquiry if it has reported by then.

If you’d like to book any or all of these sessions please email with the following information:

  • Organisation name
  • Name & job title/position of delegate (please don’t include multiple delegates on a single email)
  • Delegate’s email addresses and phone number (please don’t only provide an admin contact’s email address, although you can include that too)
  • The dates and titles of the sessions that you wish to attend (or just state “all” for any delegates wishing to attend all sessions)

Joining links for each event will be sent out to attendees the week before the event in question.

“The Key Issues in Supported Housing”

Here’s the recording and the slides from our April 28th session of the Supported Housing Conference 2022, including Q&As.

We’re delighted that 97% of attendees liked the session with 85% rating it as “excellent”.