Intensive Housing Management

Intensive Housing Management was a term used prior to the advent of Supporting People in 2003 by what was the Housing Corporation to describe additional housing tasks required by people in supported housing. They were funded by a revenue grant known as Supported Housing Management Grant (SHMG).

SHMG disappeared into the Supporting People pot and the term “Intensive Housing Management” disappeared. When Supporting People began to retrench in 2005 Michael Patterson and Danny Key began to think about how to help supported housing providers retain some of the income lost from reduced Supporting People funding. Danny had identified a regulatory route to enhanced Housing Benefit via what are known as the Exempt Accommodation rules, which enable certain social housing providers to claim enhanced Housing Benefit (even under the Universal Credit system) where they accommodate and support people with additional needs in general needs and supported housing.

Michael Patterson “reinvented” the term Intensive Housing Management in 2008 to describe the additional housing tasks and functions that are eligible to be funded from enhanced Housing Benefit and set out promoting the idea to the supported housing sector. The rest is history. The supported housing and tenancy sustainment sector now has a strong Intensive Housing Management revenue stream that would otherwise have been lost to the system as happened with Supporting People funding.

Michael has authored a series of Briefings on Intensive Housing Management and Exempt Accommodation, which are now on Michael’s Supported Housing Blog. In addition Michael does a lot of supported housing consultancy work with providers to enhance their Housing Benefits revenue by revising their rent structures. This means that the costs of the Housing Benefit eligible services they provide to people with additional needs (staff and non-staff costs) are fully met. In most cases this can be fully reclaimed from the DWP by the local authorities that pay enhanced Housing Benefit.

For us a key principle of enhanced Housing Benefit is that no-one should be financially penalised as a consequence. Where people in supported housing are self-funders or working their rent can be subsidised where necessary by use of a relief fund.

If you want supported housing consultancy help with revising your rent structures and claiming enhanced Housing Benefit for exempt accommodation please contact us. Please also be aware that, in accordance with our values base, we only work with genuinely social organisations to enhance their Housing Benefit revenue entitlements and conducts due diligence on all organisations who approach him for assistance with enhanced Housing Benefit for supported housing.

We don’t work with people or organisations who are setting up unregulated supported housing without direct commissioner (local authority/NHS) approval.