Property for Supported Housing

We have good relationships with socially-oriented private capital funders that are looking to procure property for supported housing providers.

Typically, the supported housing provider will identify a property it wants to use for supported housing and the funder will buy it for them and refurbish it as necessary. The property is then leased to a specialist registered provider via The Exempt Accommodation Project and given to the supported housing provider to manage over the long-term (unless, of course, the supported housing provider is also a registered provider in its own right).

It is important that any supported housing property funding proposition has the support of local commissioners.

Generally, the capital provider provides the lease format and The Exempt Accommodation Project provides the management agreement for use between the registered provider and the supported housing provider. We also devise and negotiate the enhanced Housing Benefit claims.

The only charge to the supported housing provider is a small one-off “finder’s fee” per bed space and a setup fee that’s charged to the rent. It is sometimes possible to include the finder’s fee in the enhanced Housing Benefit claim as well.

So, if you’re a supported housing provider looking for properties of any size or volume/capital for supported housing please contact us.

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