Sometimes it’s good to know that there’s good supported housing consultancy advice on pretty much any aspect of supported housing waiting for you when you need it at the end of the ‘phone or online meeting room.

We offer a retainer service to clients who need a more flexible approach to both advice and the charges for advice. Revised working patterns as a consequence of Covid 19 have also brought the need for flexibility of approach to the fore.

Retained clients benefit from a reduced hourly rate and flexible use of retained hours.

Retained clients need advice on supported housing, including specialised supported housing, intensive housing management, enhanced housing benefit, social aggregation, supported housing policy and private capital and public revenue for new supported housing to mention just s few areas.

You can buy yearly blocks of supported housing consultancy time split into 30 minute segments that you can use as and when you need them. You can carry over unused time each month and you can use purchased time in advance and buy more if you need to. In short, it’s your time and you can use it as you need to. The only requirement is that the time you buy is used within the calendar year; it can’t be carried over into the next year.

The minimum yearly retainer block is 6 hours (30 minutes per month). There is no maximum. You’re more likely to add to your allocation than to underuse it, but if you do underuse a good solution is an end of year online training or briefing event for you and your colleagues.

Retainer blocks are billed annually in advance and payable by direct debit or BACS. Contact us for more information.